FAS200 Desktop Explosive and Narcotics Detector

FAS 200 is a tabletop explosive and narcotics detector.

Product Description

FAS 200 is a tabletop explosive and narcotics detector. 




★ Accurate detection:
Advanced vacuum ultraviolet lamp ionization technique, in the practical work, don’t need to aim at
package in dangerous goods, just wipe with paper checked packages can detect whether carrying
dangerous goods, operation is convenient.

★ Dual mode:
Positive and negative dual mode, to achieve the two-mode detection of explosives and drugs.

★ Data printing:
The built-in printer can also print test results at any time.

★ Accurate identification:
The type of ingredients can be accurately identified dangerous goods, can be reported to be seized
dangerous goods name.

★ High speed analysis:
Detection and analysis faster than similar products, can have testing results in 6 seconds.

★ Automatic calibration:
With automatic calibration function, to adapt to a variety of environmental changes.

★ Automatic cleaning:
With automatic cleaning function, to adapt to a variety of environmental changes.

★ Automatic diagnosis:
It has the function of automatic fault diagnosis and can prompt warning in real time.
The user can judge whether the instrument is running normally according to the warning.

★ Real-time update:
Open database, sample library information can be upgraded at any time.

★ Full color screen:
Equipped with 10.4-inch TFT color touch screen.

★ Dustproof :
Instrument imports with dust, anti-pollution protection device.

★ Real-time storage:
With real-time data storage, retrieval, export and other functions, storage capacity of not less than 100,000.

★ Network connections:
LAN、WiFi,Bluetooth connection USB interface and other functions .

★ Sturdy packaging:
Safety box plus lined, carton packaging.

Product Data




400mm(L) x 380mm(W)x250mm(H)


AC110V/220V AC, 50-60Hz

Verifiable explosives

There are various kinds of military civil and indigenous explosives, such as
nitroglycerine nitrification, ammonium nitrate black powder, ammonium nitrate
black powder, and the possibility of adding new samples as needed.

Verifiable drug

Cocaine, hydrochloric acid heroin, tetrahydrocannabinol, methylaniline
(methamphetamine), ketamine hydrochloride, ecstasy, pethidine and other
common drugs on the market, and according to the need to add new samples.



Analysis time


Startup time

< 15min

False Alarm Rate

≤ 1%


Open database can be updated at any time


sound light