From July 1st, Hospitals in Beijing will establish a security inspection system, and FUANSHI Security inspection equipment is available in stock!

Fuanshi Security Inspection System


Recently, the "Regulations on the Administration of Hospital Safety Order in Beijing" was approved by the 22nd meeting of the 15th Standing Committee of the National People's Congress and will be officially implemented on July 1, 2020. The "Regulations" make it clear that the hospital should establish a safety inspection system, and the hospital security personnel should check the prohibited or restricted items stipulated by the state or the city at the entrance of the key area of the hospital as required. 

As a well-known domestic security inspection equipment supplier, Fuanshi Security Inspection System has dozens of excellent security inspection equipment franchisees including self-operated stores, and more than 30 security inspection equipment products. It can provide one-stop security inspection solutions and professional services.

At present, the typical equipments for security inspection are as follows:

1. Channel  X-ray machine for inspection of personal carry-on packages. For example, 5030X channel X-ray inspection instrument, 6040X channel X-ray inspection instrument, 6550 channel X-ray inspection instrument, etc.

2. Metal detection Security gates and hand-held metal detectors for the inspection of dangerous metal objects such as weapons, knives, etc. which are hidden by people. For example, 633A ultra-high sensitivity multi-zone metal detection gate, 633D high-sensitivity multi-zone metal detection gate, FAS100B handheld small metal detector, etc.

3. Hazardous liquid tester for checking flammable, explosive and corrosive liquids. For example, FAS1200 desktop hazardous liquid tester, handheld liquid tester, etc.

In order to implement the security inspection system in the "Regulations" and to ensure the safety of our medical personnel more quickly and earlier,  Fuanshi Security Inspection System provides first-use services for hospitals that are officially registered in the country. And for FAS100B handheld micro metal detector products,Fuanshi Security Inspection System provides special support,please consult us by the phone number: +8618124669258

For more  information about the security inspection equipments, please visit Fu An Shi to browse online. Fuanshi Security Inspection System will also take all security inspection equipment franchisees to prepare for the supply of equipment on spot, actively meet the needs of hospital security inspection, and strive to provide comprehensive support and protection for medical personnel.

Fuanshi Security Inspection System

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