How to choose the best Walk Through Metal Detector


How to choose the best Walk Through Metal Detector

As a hot-selling product in the security industry, passing metal detectors has attracted more and more attention and use from enterprises and users. However, most people do not have a clear understanding and understanding of how to identify the quality of walking metal detectors and how to purchase high-quality walking metal detectors. Currently, the global roaming metal detector industry is unbalanced and the product quality is uneven. For all walks of life, friends who need walk-in metal detectors can purchase products at reasonable prices and high quality. Introduced you how to identify the metal detector and some quality knowledge of the metal detector.

Several issues to be aware of when purchasing a walking metal detector

1. Sensitivity:

A pin can be detected in the middle of the door. The principle of the metal detection door is that when a metal object passes through the magnetic field generated by the pillars on both sides of the door, causing magnetic field induction and alarm, it will inevitably cause the phenomenon that the sensitivity decreases from both. The two sides of the door panel to the middle area, that is, both sides are close to the door panel. The sensitivity will be higher than the middle. Now, many metal detection door manufacturers claim to be able to detect metal of the size of a paper clip, but in fact, many manufacturers can hardly detect this metal only when they are very close to the door panels on both sides, and all. When excluding the belt buckle, it must be able to detect small pieces of ferrous metal. When belt buckles, keys, mobile phones and coins are not included, control knives and guns can be detected.

2. Impact resistance:

The door could not ring continuously when shaking. The stability and anti-interference ability of the metal detection door directly affect the normal use of the safety door. Some companies and users do not pay attention to the relevant aspects when purchasing safety doors, or some manufacturers specifically avoid using them, resulting in poor stability of the purchased safety door. Once there is strong wind, false alarms will continue to occur, seriously affecting normal use. According to the magnetic field induction principle of the safety door, when the magnetic field of the metal detector of the door frame vibrates, it is easy to cause false alarms. If no one passes through the metal detection door that passed the quality inspection, even if the magnetic field oscillates (such as strong wind blowing or flapping the door panel to swing the door), there should be no false alarms. When the magnetic field oscillates, someone will happen to pass, so it is necessary to ensure that it returns to normal quickly, and do not maintain false alarms.

3. Stability:

Clip a pin in the middle of the door and it should ring once, and don’t miss or cross-report. When a safety door of poor quality is close to its sensitivity limit, an alarm is sometimes issued, and sometimes an alarm is not issued, and items placed in three areas indicate that the alarm is in five areas.

4. Detection effect:

The pass metal detector has the function of automatically calculating the "pass times" and "alarm time". If the number of people displayed does not match the number of people actually passed, it may lead to underreporting, which means that there are loopholes in the security check. A good metal detector door should be able to walk 100 times and detect 100 times.

5. Qualification certification:

The production of metal detectors in arches must have a production license issued by the Ministry of Public Security, must hold a quality and safety test certificate from the public security department, and export products must pass CE certification. Many people do not have the relevant qualifications and certifications, users must understand clearly before buying.


The best metal detection door is made of ABS, PVC and metal. They are discrete structures, repeatable maintenance, waterproof and fireproof. Before leaving the factory, they passed at least 3 strict overall performance checks, and then aged for at least 72 hours

Quality assurance is required for two years. Perform a full quality inspection of the appearance at the factory to ensure that there are no stains and defects.

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