How to extend the life of the walk-through metal detector to the greatest extent?

How to extend the life of the walk-through metal detector to the greatest extent


Walk-through metal detector is a detection device that detects whether people are carrying metal objects, also known as Archway metal detector.

The Walk-through metal detector has the function of excluding metals such as mobile phones, key chains and belt buckles. In addition, mobile phones contain a lot of metal. Even if the battery is removed, the body of the mobile phone contains a lot of metal, and it will also be recognized by the Walk-through metal detector.

Any electronic product has a certain amount of electromagnetic radiation, and it only depends on whose radiation is large or small. There is also a lot of electromagnetic radiation around us. For example, radio stations, TV stations, cell phone towers, high-voltage lines, computers, TVs, microwave ovens, induction cookers, mobile phones and so on.

The Walk-through metal detector is a Security equipment that we can often see in our lives, and it often appears in our vision. So,how to use it to maximize the life of it? Only by mastering the precautions for the use of the security gate can the life of the Walk-through metal detector be extended to the greatest extent. Next, we will introduce it.

Note 1: Waterproof safety issues

If it is not a rainproof walk-through metal detector with a waterproof effect, you must be careful not to touch a large amount of water or a humid environment, which will directly cause a short circuit of the walk-through metal detector circuit, which is most likely to cause damage.

Note 2: Keep away from tall metal

The walk-through metal detector is very sensitive to metal, so if there is a large metal within a safe distance, it will directly cause the walk-through metal detector to work disorder.

Note 3: The fixation should be solid

During the installation of the walk-through metal detector, attention must be paid to the firmness of the fixation. Only a stable installation can ensure the normal use and inspection of the walk-through metal detector.

Note 4: Keep away from radiating magnetic fields

The working principle of the walk-through metal detector itself relies on magnetic fields. If there is a large magnetic field within the monitoring range, it will not only affect the accuracy of the walk-through metal detector itself, but also easily produce side effects, that is, damage the life of the walk-through metal detector itself. I believe that buyers who spend a lot of money on walk-through metal detector will not want such results.

Analyze the principle of walk-through metal detector

The metal detector is a safety inspection device used in places with high traffic and important places such as airports, conferences and exhibitions, factories, enterprises, and government departments in stations. It is used to detect whether people hold metal dangerous objects. So, how does the walk-through metal detector work? What is the principle? What are the functions and technical indicators?

According to authoritative experts, the principle of the walk-through metal detector is essentially a metal detector, which only extends the detection source to the entire door frame, so that people can detect various parts of the human body at the same time when passing by, so as to ensure a full range of leak-free inspections. Ensure reliability and improve efficiency. At present, in important places such as airports and stations, most of the detection are combined with security gates and hand-held metal detectors to further improve reliability.

When the metal detection door is in operation, when the person goes through the detection equipment installed on the door frame, the electronic component crystal oscillates to create a 3.6-4.95M sine wave, which is then divided by the frequency divider to become a 7.7K up and down sine wave. Then through the two components of the transistor and the sensor, the power is amplified and keyed into the door frame. At this time, the total inductance will emit electromagnetic waves, and the small sensor in the door will receive signals respectively. The received signal is compared in frequency with the reference signal. If a change is found, the output level of the capture card will change. The integrated circuit scans the data collected by each small sensor within 300 milliseconds, determines the position of the metal and outputs the display result. If there is no change, there will be no follow-up.

The above is the structure of the walk-through metal detector. In simple terms, the reliability must be guaranteed. The technology is very complicated. Only professional manufacturers are qualified to produce. The work of the walk-through metal detector is very important, so you must choose a reliable manufacturer and brand when buying.

In addition, the main functions of the walk-through metal detector are as follows:

1.sound and light alarm system;

2.working frequency;

3.location display alarm function;

4.Strong anti-interference ability: effectively avoid interference from the working frequency of various electrical equipment;

5. magnetic field distribution;

6. Signal processing technology.

I believe you have a preliminary understanding about the working principles and main functional parameters of the security gate. For more detailed content, you can pay close attention to our website:



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