Installation process and precautions through metal detector


Installation process and precautions through metal detector

1. Factory anti-theft:

① Stable installation. It is recommended to install it in a place away from high-frequency equipment to avoid false alarms and interference.

②Protection against rain and sun, installed outdoors, preferably equipped with rain awnings and other facilities to extend the service life.

③During the installation process, please try to stay away from large metal objects.

④ Avoid moving metal objects nearby.

Public Security Procuratorate (entertainment place): The installation is stable and can meet customer requirements. (Stability>Sensitivity), please adjust from the lowest sensitivity when adjusting.

2.Commissioning guidance:

From low-sensitivity debugging to high-sensitivity, that is, first set the door sensitivity to low, and no object is detected until there is no alarm, and then increase the sensitivity in a single area in turn until the desired item can be detected.


1. Except for outdoor rainproof safety doors: other types of safety doors must not be exposed to rain.

Cover the awning.

2. There should be no large metal objects within one meter around the safety door, such as large iron doors, elevators, large iron pillars, etc.

3. The installation of the safety door must be firmly fixed to avoid shaking caused by strong wind or collision.

4. Keep away from objects that generate magnetic fields, such as distribution boxes and motor equipment.

Security gate pass regulations:

1. Walk through the queue one by one, don't get crowded or deliberately slow down.

2. When there is no alarm, when the first person walks out of the door, the first person can pass. When an alarm is issued, you need to wait for the alarm sound to stop before passing.

3. Don't hit the door when passing.

4. When passing, no one carrying metal objects can pass through the outside of the door panel.


1. Wipe the stains on the door surface with a damp cloth.

2. Use Tina water, alcohol and mechanical water to wipe off oil stains and more difficult to clean stains.

3. Shut down for more than 2 hours a day to prevent overheating of components that have been working for a long time and reduce performance.



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