International Airport Strengthens Security Inspection System-FUANSHI Security Inspection System Manufacturer

International Airport Strengthens Security Inspection System-FUANSHI Security Inspection System Manufacturer


The international airport has a very large flow of people and there are people from different countries. In order to ensure the personal safety of those who are at the airport or on the plane, security personnel should strengthen the inspection capabilities for luggage and cargo. Proficiency in x-ray baggage scanners is the first priority for security personnel jobs.

With the strengthening of inspection work, the security inspection area will be crowded to a certain extent, so more X-ray baggage scanners and metal detectors need to be added to speed up the security inspection.

The international airport security inspection system is mainly composed of baggage/cargo inspection and human body inspection. The x-ray baggage scanner mainly performs baggage scanning and cargo scanning. It can quickly check every item brought on the plane and find out whether it is carrying dangerous or prohibited items.

When conducting human security inspections, we need to use Walk Through Metal Detector and hand-held metal detectors to check whether the human body carries  dangerous or prohibited goods

International aviation safety inspections will be strengthened as follows.

The details of reinforcement

1. Strengthen coat inspection

In addition to international flights, we also perform X-ray inspections on coats (such as coats and jackets) on domestic flights.

During your inspection, all passengers must take off their jackets.

2. Strengthen shoe inspection

For international and domestic flights, safety shoes, platform shoes and boots require X-ray inspection. We will check. We recommend that you wear shoes that are easy to take off.

3. Strengthen explosive inspection

Strengthen the inspection of weapons and explosives. Except that the inspector will randomly touch the body,

We will also conduct a new inspection, the inspection paper will touch the body.

4. Strengthen human body inspection

Two metal detection inspection doors, with different sensitivities, will be set up with a hand-held metal detector to check whether there are metal products

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