Is infrared thermometer harmful to human body?

Is infrared thermometer harmful to human body?


After research and experiments by domestic experts, the infrared thermometer is a completely passive instrument that accepts radiation from the human body. It does not emit any electromagnetic waves and does not cause any harm to the human body.

The red laser only serves as an auxiliary aiming function. Please be careful not to aim the laser at your eyes or turn off the laser when measuring the human body.

The principle of the infrared thermometer is based on the principle of Planck and Boltzmann law. The non-contact infrared thermometer measures the surface temperature of the object by absorbing the infrared energy radiated from the surface of the human body, namely, the infrared probe converts the detected infrared energy into electrical signals, which are then processed by circuit calculations and finally converted into temperature readings.

If you want the non-contact thermometer to measure accurately, you need to pay attention to choosing an instrument with better accuracy. At what distance is it appropriate to measure?

Please pay attention to the distance coefficient marked on the instrument. Generally, the larger the coefficient, it means that a smaller target can be measured at the same distance, or the same large target can be measured at a longer distance.

Try to require the person to be measured to stay in the measurement environment for a long enough time; the measurement place should be selected indoors as much as possible, and the infrared radiation thermometer and the forehead of the person to be measured should be avoided from direct sunlight; the distance of the person to be measured should be accurately estimated; The forehead temperature is generally 1-3 degrees Celsius lower than the underarm temperature. At this time, the underarm temperature data for fever should be converted into forehead temperature data.

The infrared ear thermometer measures ear temperature, which can be measured in less than 1 second. Because the eardrum and ear canal of a person are less affected by external environmental conditions, the infrared ear thermometer can accurately measure body temperature. Human ear temperature is generally 0.4 degrees Celsius higher than the armpit temperature. This is the value indicated by the infrared ear thermometer, which should convert the fever's armpit temperature data into ear temperature data;

In order to ensure the accuracy and stability of infrared radiation thermometers, it should be calibrated regularly with standard calibration devices; non-contact infrared radiation thermometers are divided into industrial and medical applications. Medical infrared radiation thermometers should be used when measuring body temperature, because industrial use is relatively In terms of wide range, low resolution, and large error; various infrared thermometers are measured from highest to lowest accuracy: medical thermometers, infrared ear thermometers, and body surface infrared radiation thermometers.




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