The benefits of facial recognition temperature measurement system installed in schools

Why it is necessary for schools to install a face recognition temperature measurement system?


At present, the prevention and control of the Coronavirius in my country has achieved great success. Schools in all cities have entered the stage of restarting classes, and the school’s epidemic prevention and safety issues have caused more and more attention among teachers, students and parents. In order to allow students to study on campus with peace of mind, the school has adopted corresponding safety precautions and began to introduce more advanced face recognition thermometer to further improve the management of epidemic prevention and control. Although the school has actively implemented various prevention programs, some parents are still worried about whether there is still a potential risk of infection. Today, Fuanshi Secutity System will briefly explain to you why the school needs to install a face recognition temperature measurement system?

During the epidemic prevention and control period, as a school, the risk of virus infection should be eliminated outside the campus.TheFace recognition thermometer,as a new type of temperature measurement solution, is based on face recognition and AI infrared thermal sensing technology to achieve safety protection upgrades , Integrating functions such as face recognition, identity verification, body temperature detection, personnel attendance, cloud management, etc.For the epidemic prevention and control problems existing on campus, artificial intelligence technology can be used to carry out information management of different scenes such as school entrances and exits, dormitory entrances and exits, teaching building entrances and exits, library entrances and exits, so as to prevent suspected infected persons from entering the campus and ensure the safety of teachers and students .

What are the benefits of installing the face recognition temperature measurement system on campus:

1. The campus face recognition temperature measurement system has advanced dynamic face recognition technology, with live body detection anti-counterfeiting function. After teachers and students enter the camera range of the equipment, the system will automatically collect their real-time face information and compare it with the face database. , After the system confirms that is correct, the personnel can be allowed to pass.And at the same time,it can record the attendance information, effectively preventingother strangers from entering the campus at will.

2. In terms of personnel information management, the system automatically records and saves the daily temperature measurement and attendance data of teachers and students.And then,it can upload them to the cloud management platform to draw data reports for use in campus temperature measurement prevention and control, and establish teachers and students’health files.You can query daily temperature measurement data through your mobile phone anytime and anywhere, and easily export reports and files with one click, so as to better grasp the overall health of teachers and students, accurate, efficient and convenient.

3. The campus face recognition temperature measurement system has AI infrared thermal sensor function, which can realize fast and accurate temperature measurement. The administrator can preset the temperature measurement range of 35~40℃, the temperature measurement error is less than 0.1℃.When the body temperature is normal after brushing the face ,the access control is released immediately.If the body temperature is abnormal, it will automatically issue a voice warning and prohibit traffic, and send the information of the abnormal person through the management system, so that the security personnel can respond quickly and deal with it, thereby reducing the risk of infection.

The above is the relevant introduction about why the school needto install the face recognition temperature measurement system, I hope it can be helpful to everyone.



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