What is X ray baggage scanner

x-ray cargo scanner


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Security inspection machines are widely used in airports, railway stations, subway stations, bus stations, government office buildings, embassies, conference centers, convention centers, hotels, shopping malls, large-scale events, post offices, schools, logistics industries, industrial testing, etc.

working principle

A safety inspection instrument is an electronic device that completes inspection by sending the checked luggage into the X-ray inspection channel by means of a conveyor belt. The baggage enters the X-ray inspection channel and will block the package detection sensor. The detection signal is sent to the system control part to generate an X-ray trigger signal and trigger the X-ray source to emit the X-ray beam. A fan-shaped X-ray beam passing through the collimator passes through the object to be inspected on the conveyor belt, the X-ray is absorbed by the object to be inspected, and finally bombards the dual-energy semiconductor detector installed in the channel. The detector converts X-rays into signals. These very weak signals are amplified and sent to the signal processing cabinet for further processing.

X-ray is an electromagnetic wave that can penetrate opaque objects such as wood, cardboard, and leather. The security detector can display images of different colors on the screen according to the degree of X-ray absorption by the object. In simple terms, orange represents organic matter, such as food, plastic, etc .; books, ceramics, etc. are displayed in green; metals are displayed in blue. At this time, the security inspector quickly looked at the X-ray scanned fluoroscopic image, and can judge whether there is contraband by virtue of rich experience.


Channel size:








Safe use

Only properly trained personnel can install and use security inspection machines. The radiation safety rules must be strictly followed at all times to avoid radiation damage.

1) Only properly trained personnel can install and use the security inspection machine.

2) Only technicians can remove the cover or protective parts during maintenance.

3) Do not use X-ray safety inspection equipment outdoors.

4) The security inspection machine must work under the specified working voltage. The voltage used must be checked before the device is used.

5) The security inspection machine must be well grounded. The equipment socket used at the installation site must have a ground terminal.

6) If the voltage fluctuation exceeds the specified area, it is recommended to use an AC voltage stabilizer.

7) Do not connect any electronic components that are not part of the X-ray safety inspection equipment to the power distributor of the X-ray safety inspection equipment.

8) Any inappropriate modification may damage the X-ray safety inspection equipment. The user is prohibited from making inappropriate changes to the device.

9) The security inspection machine can only be used to inspect items, and it is strictly prohibited to inspect human bodies or animals.

10) Please do not turn on the equipment that has not been used for more than 6 months. The professional must restart the ray generator.

11) It is forbidden to sit or stand on the conveyor belt.

12) Do not touch the edge of the conveyor belt and the roller.

13) When the device is running, no part of the body should enter the inspection channel.

14) Make sure that the luggage is not stacked in the inspection aisle or at the exit end. If the luggage obstructs the inspection aisle, it should be shut down before cleaning.

15) The equipment cannot be operated with damaged lead curtains.

16) Prevent various liquids from flowing into the device. If this happens, please shut down immediately.



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