X-ray inspection system is a necessary equipment for security. How does the device distinguish between dangerous items like explosives, drugs, guns and knives?

Security X-ray machine is a necessary equipment for security inspection channel. How does the device distinguish between dangerous items like explosives, drugs, guns and knives?


1. Image monitoring method

       The image monitoring method directly distinguishes items from the X-ray fluoroscopic image configuration. Therefore, whether the test object is suspicious depends on the image on the monitor or display. Unusual or unusual objects that appear on a display or monitor should be considered suspicious. Those items that cannot be accurately identified should also be regarded as suspicious items, which need to be carefully checked, and the images can be located and analyzed as needed.

2. Color analysis


       The color analysis method is based on the material information of the heterogeneous materials to display the heterogeneous colors under the X-ray image, and then identifies the type of the material. The various colors that appear on the monitor reflect the density, quality, and quantity of the object. Therefore, the quality of the object can be evaluated according to the color depth of the image. Light yellow, usually a color, appears in a piece of clothing, thin plastic, and a small amount of paper. Orange is usually the color of soap, electric fans, explosives, drugs, wood, leather products, etc. Dark orange, usually a large number of books, paper, RMB, high-concentration liquid, sacks of rice noodles, etc. Blue is the color of inorganic substances such as copper, iron and zinc. Thick cables, electric shockers, bullets, rifle bullets, guns and knives are shown in different shades of blue. The color of the mixture is green, and the colors of stainless steel products, cables, etc. are inconsistent. Red is the color of hard-to-penetrate objects, mainly heavy metals and thick objects.

3. Resume judgment

      Due to the different viewpoints of the items placed in the suitcase, the object looks divergent under the X-ray image and may even be deformed, thus changing the original face. It can be used to restore luggage or change the viewpoint of luggage in the X-ray system channel to help restore the shape.

4. AHP

      When studying the image of overlapping objects, we can input some overlapping objects from the non-overlapping edges of the object, and then analyze the different layers of color and shape to determine the original shape of the object.

5. Feature identification

      Any object has its specific external shape. Security personnel should keep in mind the shape characteristics of various objects on the display, and then determine which object. For example, facial cleanser and hair spray show the same color, but there is an activation button on the hair spray.

6. Structural judgment

      Generic objects have their specific structure. After seeing through X-rays, it was discovered that there should be something that should not be present in the object structure, or something that should be lost. If there are no batteries, magnetic rods or speakers in the radio, it should be highly vigilant.

7. Ratio judgment

      The image on the screen has a certain sharing relationship with things. When the object is placed on the side of the channel near the X-ray source, the image is larger; when the object is placed on the side away from the X-ray source, the image is smaller. Security personnel should constantly explore the rules for sharing images and objects of various models in order to distinguish accurately.

 8. Comprehensive analysis

      Security personnel should pay attention to the brightness adjustment of the display. The brightness is not suitable, which will affect the viewing effect. The brightness of ordinary images is not dark or bright. If a suspicious object is found, the brightness should be adjusted appropriately according to its shape and thickness to obtain the most satisfactory results. The MEX system and SMEX system have brightening, darkening, in-phase and grayscale scanning functions provided by non-images. They provide great convenience for identifying objects and should be fully utilized. The image of the security inspection machine produced by each company will be different. Of course, the rule is still generally observed. In order to thoroughly master these methods, the safety inspector must have a sufficient understanding of the performance of the safety inspection machine.



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