X-ray security inspection system is an important equipment to maintain social stability, isn't it?

X-ray security inspection system is an important equipment to maintain social stability, isn't it?


Nowadays, in daily life, some people always find it troublesome to accept the security check, and some people think that the X-ray security check is completely displayed in some places, and it does not matter whether it is installed or not, but is it really the case? It may be that everyone does not understand enough!

The public safety of a modern city is inseparable from the security staff, as well as the security inspection equipment for detecting dangerous goods. It helps our security personnel to detect dangerous goods to a large extent, but there are usually many people who think it is not very important whether this equipment is available or not, and a lot of costs are required, especially at some seemingly unimportant traffic entrances and exits. In fact, security inspection equipment is to prevent the occurrence of some special situations and ensure the safety of our public environment.

At present, the X-ray security inspection machine produced in China is more accurate in detection and has a large transmission rate. While the security gate can ensure the rapid passage of pedestrians, it can also quickly detect whether there are dangerous goods in a very short time. Through manual or fully automatic operation, the channel X-ray security inspection machine can obtain appearance pictures, automatically store appearance pictures and X-ray pictures, and save evidence through cloud storage. An alarm will sound when prohibited items are found. In addition, it also has the characteristics of high density and anti-penetration, can isolate the X-ray scattering in the shielding equipment, and has high safety. The high-tech processes of security inspection X-ray machines can not only save manpower and material resources, but also eliminate potential safety hazards to the greatest extent and ensure the effective progress of public order.

While installing security facilities such as camera surveillance, X-ray security inspection machines, etc., it is necessary to strengthen the construction of public security systems, and also to continuously improve the level of detection and early warning, emergency response and safety management, so as to avoid harm to the personal safety of civilians to the greatest extent.In this way, a harmonious environment can be built and it can put people at ease and ensure the safety of our public environment.



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