The cautions for the assembly and transportation of walk-through metal detector

walk-through metal detector installation process

In order to prevent collision, the walk-through metal detector should be equipped with box or bag with cushion sponge. You should leave space in the package to store the operating instructions of the device and some commonly used hardware tools. This should be concerned, because durable package is usually not sold, so you need to consider this money when buying walk-through metal detector. In order to increase the security of the walk-through metal detector, the materials must be wear-resistant and age-resistant; the zippers, bones, straps, and handles should be strong, and the position should be reasonable, and the weight of the outer packaging should be as light as possible. It is best not to use metal materials. Design the outer packaging for the assembled walk-through metal detector. If the door side is heavy, it is suitable to separate the veneer. If it is lighter, it can be used as a complete package.

According to the basic structure of the human body, single-frequency excitation technology is used to form a very uniform vertical magnetic field structure in the detection area, with strong penetrating power and high detection sensitivity, and the "weak areas" and "blind areas" of the detection area are eliminated. The facade has abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, waterproof, moisture-proof, fireproof, and no deformation. The sensitivity level can be preset according to the actual application, and the overall sensitivity can be set accordingly. The highest sensitivity can even detect objects half the size of the metal of a paper clip.


In order to facilitate handling and storage, it is necessary to purchase an assembled walk-through metal detector with a stable structure and dis-assembly. Please be careful when assembling and disassembling. Be careful not to assemble the pins, holes, and slots blindly. To avoid unnecessary wear, the force should be moderate when fixing the joint with screws. If it is too tight, it will overflow. If it is too loose, it may cause the joint to break.


When assembling the walk-through metal detector, you should first connect it to gain experience. If you need to connect and reassemble it first, you should prevent the door panel from separating from the chassis after the connection. The cable is too large, so it may be connected or interfaced. When the connector is disconnected from the pinhole interface, it must be aligned, the force should be very light, and it should be inserted into this position. When tightening the joint screws, the twisted part should be correct, otherwise the joint part will be loose or the connection at the joint will be broken.

When repacking after use, all parts of the walk-through metal detector must be re-installed. The easily missed parts are power cords, bolts, screws, keys, hardware tools, etc. Once lost, they will directly affect reuse. Therefore, after installation, please make sure that everything is in its place.

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