Do you know these precautions for operating the x-ray baggage scanner?

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In our daily life, x-ray baggage scanner are used more and more frequently. Its main principle is to use conveyor belts to transport items to the inspection channel, then use X-rays to penetrate the items that need to be checked, and finally the detector converts the X-rays into signals. It is very complicated to say, but the operating precautions of x-ray baggage scanner can be divided into four parts.

1. Pre-check before power-on: A pre-check must be carried out before starting the machine. The lead curtain at the entrance of the x-ray baggage scanner should be intact, and it must be replaced if damaged. All covers must also be covered. Check whether the conveyor belt is complete and clean. Check whether there are any residues inside the channel.

2. Power on: plug the main line into the power supply, insert the key, and then rotate 90 degrees according to the normal key usage method, then press the main unit's power supply, the system executes the initialization program, and waits for the display initialization signal, the system enters In the normal detection state, the boot operation is completed. In other words, security inspections can be carried out.

3. Object detection: Before detecting objects, there is another very important step, which is to press F12 for equipment training. Put the items on the conveyor belt and try to maximize the contact area between the items and the conveyor belt. The object enters the passage, blocking the light barrier, and the X-ray starts to scan the object. After this work is completed, the detector will receive the signal about the item, and then the system will send the signal to the display. If you find suspicious items, you can press the pause button.

4. Shutdown: One-key shutdown, just press the shutdown button on the console, and then take out the key.

The operating precautions of the x-ray baggage scanner are not that complicated. As long as the operation process is followed, no accidents will generally occur. After all, X-ray is a very dangerous thing. During the operation period, we must avoid X-ray leakage that may threaten the safety of inspectors and tourists.



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