How about the foreign market share of security x-ray baggage scanner?


The market of many domestic security inspection machine manufacturers is mainly concentrated in China. As one of the safest countries in the world, China is closely related to the large-scale use of security and security inspection equipment in the public and transportation fields. This has also created a huge market for the domestic security inspection industry. Even many foreign companies in this area want to get a piece of pie in Chinese market.

So what about the market share of domestic companies abroad? Especially, companies that produce x-ray baggage scanner?

However, with the rise of some domestic leading companies, these companies have also begun to enter foreign markets, such as companies such as Fuanshi security system and Hikvision. These leading companies in the security inspection field not only have a good market share in the country, but also in foreign markets.

In the field of security inspection, especially some domestic manufacturers of x-ray baggage scanner, their market share in foreign countries is very small. In particular, some small manufacturers do not have strong technical reserves of products to a certain extent, and they need to ensure high stable performance in certain specific places. This requires strong technical support and product quality assurance.

If you want to occupy the market overseas, then there is another problem that needs to be solved, which is the problem of after-sales management. There are generally two solutions to this problem. One is to set up an after-sales team by yourself. This is too costly for small companies and an unrealistic problem abroad. Only large multinational companies can do this better. Another way is outsourcing. The cost is also very high for after-sales services abroad. But, in many aspects, we need to face more problems.

However, with the development of the international trade network, some after-sales problems in international trade can be solved by after-sales engineers through online video guidance.

Therefore, some small domestic manufacturers sell more and more security inspection equipment abroad. It's just that the original small market share dominates abroad.

At present, the main market for x-ray baggage scanner is still in some developing countries, such as Southeast Asia, Africa and other regions. However, some leading companies in the security industry still have a high position in the international market.

With the continuous exchange of international trade in the future, domestic products are still further expanding their foreign market share.



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