In which public fields has the dual-view x-ray baggage scanner been applied?


Nowadays, with the increasing awareness of public security, the security inspection industry has more and more market space, especially in some public areas where there are a lot of security equipment. It can be said that security equipment has penetrated into all kinds of public places, almost all residential areas, apartment accommodation, but for security equipment, only some special public places will be applied, such as railway stations, airports and other related public places. Among all security inspection equipment, the x-ray baggage scanner is unique, especially the dual-view x-ray baggage scanner, which accounts for a very high proportion of both cost and price among similar products. Therefore, in which public fields has the dual-view x-ray baggage scanner been applied? Today, FUANSHI security system is fortunate to take you into the world of dual-view x-ray baggage scanners.

In the current environment, there are many key areas that require more security inspection equipment to detect various baggage and packages. In particularly important occasions, the requirements for the detection image of the package are even higher. It is necessary to recognize the image in multiple dimensions to confirm the true attributes of the object, to ensure that the object is safe during security inspection. For example, some transportation areas such as subway stations and airports require dual-view x-ray baggage scanner to detect luggage and parcels.

There are also some major events and conferences that require this type of equipment, such as World Expos, major international sports events, and international leaders' meetings. These all require strict security checks. Have you noticed that these areas with strict security checks actually have one thing in common, that is, population concentration. In these important occasions, strict security inspection systems are required to escort, so as to ensure everyone's safety and avoid some dangerous incidents. In such a densely populated situation, once a dangerous event occurs, the consequences are unimaginable. Therefore, this is also the reason why a higher cost of x-ray baggage scanner with dual viewing angles is needed in these fields!

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