Is the X-ray baggage scanner harmful to human health?

X-ray baggage scanner used in the airport

With the continuous development of economy and society, the security equipment (includes walk through metal detector, dangerous liquid scanner, x-ray baggage scanner, explosives detectors, face recognition systems, etc. ) emerges as the times require. Nowadays, in addition to the applications of safety inspection equipment in places such as airports, high-speed rails, and bus stations. The subway stations are also slowly introducing advanced security inspection equipment such as walk through metal detector, x-ray baggage scanner and other security inspection equipment to ensure people’s safety. but is this kind of safety equipment harmless to people's health? Is the radiation strong? A series of issues have become the focus of our work. Is security inspection equipment really harmful to humans?

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One type of security inspection equipment is a detection device used to detect the presence or absence of metal objects, also called walk through metal detector. As the name implies, the function of the security inspection machine is to check whether the passing person is carrying a metal object. The working principle is only to form a magnetic field transformation to cause electromagnetic induction of metal objects, thereby discovering metal objects. Some advanced level can further perceive the shape of metal objects to determine whether they are dangerous objects, such as knives. In short, if you pass through the security inspection equipment, even if you pass through the security inspection equipment multiple times a day, it will not cause harm to the body. Of course, The x-ray baggage scanner is obvious harmless to human body. 

Therefore, let us popularize the radiation that people often mention. Radiation is divided into ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation. The former has high energy, which will cause the rotation and energy phenomena of atoms or molecules, such as nuclear radiation and X-ray radiation, which we must protect. The radiation sources we encounter in daily life, such as WIFI, mobile phones and sunlight, are non-ionizing radiation. In principle, this kind of radiation will not change the characteristics of the object, but the harmful effects of large doses of this kind of radiation are still in progress. Therefore, countries around the world still have corresponding restrictions on the generation of such radiation. China's safety standard is lower than 40 micro-watts per square centimeter, which is safe.

As a result of concerned, it is not necessary to worry about the x-ray radiation that the x-ray baggage scanner have produced. You can just let it be!



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