The National Regulations about the x-ray baggage scanner

x-ray baggage scanner rules and regulations

Security inspection is one of the contents of port inspection (including border inspection, customs inspection, health quarantine, animal and plant quarantine and safety inspection, etc.). This is an inspection procedure that must be carried out by immigration personnel. This is an important precaution to protect the personal safety of passengers. The smooth implementation of national regulations on x-ray baggage scanner will greatly guarantee public safety.

The main content of the safety inspection is to check whether passengers and their luggage carry firearms, ammunition, flammable, explosive, corrosive, toxic, radioactive and other dangerous items to ensure the safety of the aircraft and passengers. Security checks must be carried out before passengers board the aircraft. Those who refuse to be checked are not allowed to board the plane. Those who undermine the safety of civil aviation shall be punished in accordance with the "Regulations on Civil Aviation Safety and Safety."

According to the "International Convention for the Suppression and Prevention of Unlawful Hijacking of Aircraft", the Contracting States shall, in accordance with international and domestic laws, take all necessary and possible measures to effectively prevent the occurrence of illegal acts that endanger aviation safety and severely punish and combat criminal acts. Therefore, the safety inspection of passengers is to protect their own safety and prevent illegal hijacking of aircraft accidents.

The officially implemented "Regulations on the Administration of Fast X-ray Safety Inspection Machines" stipulate that postal companies, express companies and other companies engaged in delivery services need to manage x-ray baggage scanner and related inspection equipment.

The person in charge of the courier company or the owner of the small courier company is the legal representative of the company, and need to abide by the requirements of who accepts the inspection, who is responsible. Ensure that the company’s configuration, use and management of safety equipment are carried out in an orderly manner. The relevant management agency of the company Or personnel should actively organize the formulation of security equipment configuration plans, put forward configuration requirements, and supervise the implementation of the installation about x-ray baggage scanner, regular inspections, and routine maintenance.




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