What are the common faults of x-ray baggage scanner?


Many masters who are responsible for repairing the x-ray baggage scanners have not undergone professional learning. It is because they have used the equipment for a long time, they naturally know what kinds of failures are prone to occur, and gradually understand how to deal with problems. Of course, it is more difficult for novices to be familiar with the problems that often occur in the x-ray baggage scanners. After all, they have not been exposed before, so today we will talk about two common faults of the x-ray baggage scanner. If you are interested, you can take a look.

The first is that the door curtain on the conveyor belt is damaged.Because this kind of equipment is always placed in a public place with a lot of pedestrians, there are so many baggage going in and out on it every day, it will inevitably cause wear and tear on the door curtain inside.And many newcomers may feel that is not a problem when they first touch this, but it is actually wrong. If the door curtain is damaged or something, the rays inside will leak out when the machine is working. If it hits a person, it is very bad. So if you find such a problem, you should tell the maintenance staff in time and replace it immediately. 

The second is that there is liquid leaking into the machine.Many people will put some liquid in their baggage. Once this kind of thing is dumped,the x-ray baggage scanner will easily break down. If it flows into the machine, it will cause the device to short-circuit or even burn out. So if the staff finds this phenomenon, they need to turn off the power immediately and clean it up. Remember to cut off the power first, otherwise it is prone to danger.

I have told you two points about the common faults of the x-ray baggage scanners today. If you are interested in this aspect, you can save this text in your own pocket or follow our company-Fuanshi Security System-a professional security equipment manufacturer with 14 years of experience. Our security equipment has been exported to more than 150 countries. 100% quality assurance.Accept ODM&OEM.

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