What do the colors mean on the screen of the x-ray baggage scanner?

The working principle of x-ray baggage scanner is to use a small dose of X-rays to irradiate the articles for inspection and use a computer to analyze the transmitted rays,then,to analyze the properties of the penetrated articles according to the changes in the transmitted rays. The image on the screen is a computer simulation image, which mainly highlights dangerous items (identified by color).

When we pass through public places such as airports and railway stations, our baggage needs to be tested for safety. When different baggage passes through the x-ray baggage scanner, the screen of the x-ray baggage scanner will display many different colors. Maybe many people want to ask what do these colors mean? Now,Fuanshi security system is here to answer your question.

In order to protect the public safety of airplanes, high-speed railways, and trains, everyone's baggage must be checked by a security inspection machine. In order to avoid carrying metal weapons or other illegal items harmful to public safety, the baggage will be sent to the "closed space" of the x-ray baggage scanner through a conveyor belt. Then, the X-rays will be triggered, the X-rays contacting the baggage will be absorbed by the items in the baggage, and the remaining ray energy will be bombarded by the energy detector installed in the channel.

The detector converts the remaining X-ray energy into a signal, which is amplified and sent to the signal processing chassis for further processing. After the inspected item passes through the image processing system, the screen of the x-ray baggage scanner will display various colors according to the X-ray absorption degree of different substances.

Generally speaking, food and organic matter such as plastic are orange. Inorganic materials such as books and ceramics are shown in green, and the mixture is also green, such as stainless steel. Metal is displayed in blue, such as stun gun, displayed in blue. Red indicates that the item is heavy metal or has strong X-ray penetration. In addition, there are more specific divisions of items represented by the saturation of various colors. Professionally trained security personnel can identify whether the baggage contains prohibited items according to the colors on the screen.



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