What is the difference between single-view and dual-view x-ray baggage scanner?

x-ray baggage scanner FAS-5030A

x-ray baggage scanner FAS-5030B

It is often asked why the 5030 x-ray baggage scanner is divided into two types, A and B, with the same appearance, but the price is so different?

First of all, the size of the detection channel of these two machines is the same (width 500mm*height 30mm), and the technical principle of detection is also the same. X-rays penetrate the scanned object and then display the shape and color of the object. The two biggest differences between 5030A and 5030B machines are as follows:

The first one is that the core X-ray source is different. Type A has a ray power of 100KV, and Type B is 160KV, which also represents the difference in penetration. The 5030Ax-ray baggage scanner can only penetrate 20-30mm stainless steel plates, and the 5030B can penetrate stainless steel plates up to 30-40mm.

The second one is based on the difference of the X light source, the imaging angle and method are different. The 5030A x-ray baggage scanner is single-view imaging. Single-view X-ray imaging can only be imaged by different attenuation of rays, which cannot distinguish the difference in density. Therefore, the displayed image color is not so rich and obvious.

The 5030B x-ray baggage scanner is dual-energy imaging. The pictures displayed are richer in color, with a stronger sense of layering, and the distinction between organics, in-organics, and mixtures is clearer. The spectrum produced by dual-energy X-rays has two bands with two central values respectively. In a single view, there is only one band and one center value.

Based on the above comparison, it can be seen that the two x-ray baggage scanners are different. The 5030A is generally used in exhibitions, factories, public events and other places where the requirements are not particularly high, while the 5030B is mainly used in public security agencies, prisons, government agencies, Interrogation and other places.

After comparing the two x-ray baggage scanner, we know that their imaging is different, and the applications are also different.



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