What kind of x-ray baggage scanner is qualified?

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A qualified x-ray baggage scanner can not only guarantee the quality, but also meet the needs of users. Qualified testing equipment mainly has the following standards. Nowadays, manufacturers have to produce the security equipment that is in accordance with the standards. Only the security equipment produced in accordance with the standards are able to be considered qualified. The main industry production standards are as follows. The nice products must be guaranteed to meet the following production standards.

1.Quality standard: It is obvious that quality is very important to all equipment. The service life of a piece of equipment depends on the quality. Of course, it is also inseparable from our maintenance in use. The quality of a manufacturer's products can be verified in the market, and nice quality equipment can be used and recognized by users in more fields in the market.

2. Production process: A qualified product must have a complete and qualified manufacturing process control system.

3. Radiation standard: The national standard stipulates that the unified radiation standard for security inspection equipment is 5 microsieverts, but manufacturers will control it at about 1 microsievert. Each device will undergo quality and safety testing before leaving the factory, and if it does not meet the Standard of testing the equipment will not be allowed to flow into the market.

4. The performance of the product: Check whether the image presented is clear, whether the penetrating power reaches the standard, whether the conveyor speed is adjustable, etc.

A qualified manufacturer of x-ray baggage scanner must have relevant qualification certificates, comply with national laws and regulations, have a complete after-sales service system, strong technical support and a professional R&D team. The above issues need to be noted when choosing manufacturers to purchase x-ray baggage scanner.

FUANSHI security system - manufacturer of x-ray baggage scanner have established a standardized quality management system in strict accordance with the ISO9001 international quality management system specifications. The company's x-ray baggage scanners, walk through metal detectors and other products have been issued with a license for the use of civil aviation safety inspection equipment, which fully demonstrates the demanding pursuit of product quality.



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