Why do express companies use the x-ray baggage scanner for express security inspection?

x-ray baggage scanner for express

As the demand of the express industry continues to expand, the number of express companies in our country is also increasing. Why do all express companies now need to take the express mails that they receive to go through the x-ray baggage scanners?

There are many accidents during delivery every year. The reason for these accidents is that some people use the delivery channel to send some prohibited items, which leads to some accidents during transportation. Since the year of 2016, Our country has attached great importance to transportation safety and has adopted relevant policies and measures for transportation safety. All express logistics companies must be equipped with the x-ray baggage scanners. All express items to be sent must undergo the x-ray baggage scanners. To ensure that there are no prohibited items in the shipment.

Nowadays, there are many express companies such as SF Express, STO Express, Rhyme Express, YTO Express, Best Express, etc. Each company has tens of thousands of domestic business outlets, and there are many express mails that need to be sent every day. The express companies mainly do Personal services, unlike courier companies, logistics companies mainly serve enterprises. For example, each company's shipments and purchased production materials need to be transported by logistics companies.

The size of the items transported by courier companies and logistics companies are also different. Generally, courier companies transport small items, while logistics companies mainly transport large-scale goods, such as some large-scale machinery and equipment and some large number of products. Transportation and distribution routes are also different. Logistics companies are basically dedicated line transportation, while courier companies are delivered to the door by couriers distributed in various regions.

There are generally two reasons for using security inspection machines in express logistics companies. One is to prevent accidents caused by dangerous goods during transportation. The second is to prevent some criminals from sending prohibited items prohibited by the state through mail channels such as express logistics. Therefore, parcels, express items, baggage have to go through a x-ray baggage scanner before being transported.



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