• Infrared thermometer 150-D
  • Infrared thermometer 150-D
Infrared thermometer 150-DInfrared thermometer 150-D

Infrared thermometer 150-D

Infrared thermometer
Model: 150-D
High temperature automatic alarm, accurate temperature measurement, support ℃ and ℉ conversion

Infrared thermometer high temperature automatic alarm 150D


Product introduction:

The smart rapid infrared temperature detecion instrument is a kind of fast screening device for body temperature. When the person walks through the security inspection channel, close the wrist or forehead to the temperature probe according to the guidelines. If the human body temperature exceeds the preset temperature, the system will automatically alarm with sound and light. If the body temperature is normal, the security system will display the normal value and displaythe details in real time. It is easy to use, flexible to move, and has high accuracy and low false alarm rate.The temperature measurement box and the column can be separated, and the temperature measurement box can be used alone, or it can be widely integrated in security doors, ordinary doors, intelligent temperature measurement access control systems, temperature measurement disinfection equipment and other screening equipment that need to integrate rapid body temperature measurement functions.It uses a high-precision medical grade infrared temperature sensor, the sensing distance is 1cm-25cm, and it has high precision and high resolution, and is immune to the environment and sunlight. The measurement error at room temperature is ±0.1℃. The initial temperature alarm setting value is 37.3°C (adjustable). The detector displays the actual body temperature detected when it is working. It will alarm when it exceeds 37.3°C, and display the site environment temperature when no one passes.

Product advantages

Human body temperature screening:The built-in high-precision miniature 24-hour dynamic infrared body temperature monitor can monitor and screen the body surface temperature of personnel.

Non-sensing temperature detection:The detection distance is 1CM to 25CM, and the detection height can be installed by the user.

High-end components: It adopts imported original high-precision medical-grade infrared detectors imported from Belgium, with high precision, stable performance and reliable quality, and is a high-end configuration in China.

Modular component design:It can be used alone or can be integrated in various devices and instruments to achieve temperature measurement function.

Easy to use: It can be used without plugging in, no professional installation is required.

Material: The casing is made of stainless steel, which is strong and durable, not easy to deform or damage.


Quick screening: Actively collect infrared temperature data, no human operation is required, and the temperature measurement can be completed quickly in less than 1 second.

Non-contact temperature measurement: The fixed infrared temperature sensor measures the temperature of the human wrist or forehead to avoid direct contact between the temperature measurement personnel and the tested personnel, which may cause cross infection.

Voice prompt: After taking the body temperature, the passer-by will broadcast two voice messages of "pass" and "check body temperature" to prompt people with abnormal body temperature to be quickly checked.

Application environment: The requirements for the ambient temperature of the place of use are relatively low, and temperature measurement and screening can be performed normally at -10°C.

Panel display: color high-definition LCD display, three-color alarm.

Prevention of high temperature false alarm: smart start temperature measurement program to prevent false alarms caused by high temperature and direct sunlight.


1. Working environment temperature: -10℃-50℃

2. Storage temperature: -20-60°C

3. Relative humidity: 10-95% (no condensation)

4. Temperature error range: about ±0.1℃

5. Temperature measurement position: the distance between the temperature measurement sensor and the horizontal ground (optional column or tripod)

6. Voice prompt: built-in intelligent voice module

7. Measuring parts: forehead, wrist, neck

8. Power supply: AC and DC dual purpose

9. Power consumption: <10W

10. Response time: 0.5S

11. Net weight: 5KG

12. Overall dimensions of temperature measuring box: 20cm (length) x15cm (width) X14cm (height)

13. Application range: densely populated passages for supermarkets, schools, factories, office buildings, hotels, communities, etc.