• Walk-through Infrared Thermometer 633-AS
Walk-through Infrared Thermometer 633-AS

Walk-through Infrared Thermometer 633-AS

Walk-through Infrared Thermometer
Model: 633-AS
This security door is equipped with an infrared temperature measurement system. When the human body passes through this security door, the infrared thermometer will detect the temperature of the human body and can display the person whose temperature is abnormal.

Fuanshi  FAS633AS  Walk-through Temperature Screening Door


Walk-through human body temperature measurement and screening door: Combine infrared temperature measurement with PVC door panel. Before passing through the screening door, first use infrared to measure the temperature of the human body, beep and alarm, indicating that the body temperature exceeds the preset normal temperature, effectively preventing large-scale diseases infection;

It adopts the original medical-grade infrared detector imported from Melexis imported from Belgium. It has ultra-high sensitivity, accuracy up to ± 0.3, and meets the standard forehead temperature measurement. It is harmless to heart pacemaker wearers, pregnant women, and magnetic media.

Widely used in prisons, courts, schools, hospitals, electronics companies, factories, exhibition halls, conference centers, office buildings, supermarkets and other important public places.



1. Low power consumption and small size

2. Infrared temperature measurement: When the human body passes, the infrared temperature is measured to avoid contact, and the buzzer alarm is reached when it reaches the fever standard, effectively preventing large-scale disease transmission

3. Adopt Melexis original medical-grade infrared detector imported from Belgium, with long detection distance, high accuracy, and stable quality performance. It is a high configuration in China, temperature accuracy: ≤0.3 ℃, test distance: 0.05-0.1 meters

4. Using high-brightness liquid crystal display

Alarm method:

Temperature measurement alarm: buzzer alarm, when body temperature is abnormal

Product process:

It is made of PVC composite material and special technology, which is waterproof and moisture-proof.

Intelligent statistics:

Intelligent passenger flow counting function can automatically count the number of people passing.

Strong anti-interference ability:

Adopt digital, analog and left-right balance technology to prevent false alarms and false negatives, and greatly improve anti-interference ability.

safety protection: The parameter settings are automatically stored without the need for uninterruptible power supply protection, which is safer and more convenient.

Installation and commissioning: This device adopts an integrated design, which can be installed or disassembled in only 10 minutes, without commissioning, and plug and play.



Technical Parameters:



Channel size


Temperature measurement range








Response time


Alarm method


power supply

220V±20% 50-60HZ

Total Weight

Approximately 120 KG

Operating temperature

0°C— 45°C


10-95%RH(Non-condensing,   environmental temperature measurement <30℃)




Accuracy is affected by the use environment and   detection distance.