• Thermal imaging thermometer
  • Thermal imaging thermometer
Thermal imaging thermometerThermal imaging thermometer

Thermal imaging thermometer

Infrared thermal imaging body temperature measuring instrument, suitable for any environment in any area, can find out people with high body temperature in the first time, and notify the administrator

FAS600GS Non-contact and non-sensing Temp-measuring system



1.It is composed of smart camera and thermal camera

2.Integrated With  thermal sensor  for high accuracy temperature measuring and face recognition algorithm

3. Effectively measure the temperature of the people who pass through  the entrance of the builidng or parking lot, etc...


Interface Number Instruction  



③Relay:+ NO ,- COM  

④Audio: 1 input, 2 ground, 3 output, 4,empty  



A.  location 

1.  The thermal camera should be placed at the front of people to catch the face.

2. The height of camera should be 2 meters with angle 0-5 degree to the people. 

3.The distanc e from the poeple being measured to the camera should be 1 meter. 

B. Conditions for installation 

1.  Illumination: no backlight, no reflected light on the face, light should be even and no shadow.  In order to capture the face of human, the illuminating light is necessary for illumination on the face ( 250~800Lux). 

2.  Light and wind: it should be installed indoor, no wind between the people and camera; no sunshine around.

1.Group of people can be measured for quick screening

2. Capture the photo of people whose temperature is abnormal and alarm