• Walk-through metal detector FAS-633A
  • Walk-through metal detector FAS-633A
Walk-through metal detector FAS-633AWalk-through metal detector FAS-633A

Walk-through metal detector FAS-633A

The walk-through metal detector is the best-selling security equipment. It has super high sensitivity and can detect metal objects carried by the human body or objects within one second.

The walk-through metal detector FAS-633A has adjustable sensitivity, which can detect metal objects the size of a paper clip and issue an alarm. Metal detection (Only for indoor)

Walk Through Metal Detector FAS-633A

The walk-through metal detector is suitable for using in government, prisons, hospitals, courts, airports, hotels, nightclubs, office buildings, schools and other public places. It is the best security detection equipment to ensure the property safety and protect everyone.

walk through metal detector specification

High sensitivity: The Infrared emission and receiver can prevent detection blind spot effectively. High sensitivity make it even find tiny threats. The accuracy of metal detection is up to 100%.

Function of statistic counting: The intelligent counter can calculate the number of the Passenger flow and the times of alarming.Operation way : Remote control(optional).

Two types of alarm systems: LED light alarm with sound, which can display the area of metal detected accurately. It can show the threat locations on human body.

Multiple detecting areas: it is equipped with six or more mutual over-lapping detecting areas, the simultaneous alarm from multi-areas can accurately find the location of the metal detected according to the layout. (1-6-12-18 Zones are available)

Harmless to human body: harmless to heart pacemaker installed in human body, pregnant women, magnetic floppy, recording tapes, etc. It is the most economical indoor use model.

Walk-through metal detector
◇Stable performance, 1-6-12-18zones options
◇Operation way: remote control optional
◇Extremely high sensitivity to find even tiny threats
◇Two LED lights bars show threats location on human body
◇Sound and light alarm

◇Electrical current: AC100V~240V 50/60Hz
◇Power: 10W
◇Work environment: -20℃~ 45℃
◇Gross Weight90kg
◇Outer frame: 2220mm(h) x800mm(w) x500mm(d)
◇Inner frame: 2000mm(h) x700mm(w) x500mm(d)

Certificates and standards
◇ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS1800l, CE
◇Certificate from Ministry of Public Security Safety and Police Electronic 
Products Quality Inspection Center
◇In accordance with: EN 60950, WN 50081-1, EN50082-1
◇Electric safety: EN 60950
◇Anti-interference standard: EN50082-1

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