• Walk-through metal detector FAS-633B
  • Walk-through metal detector FAS-633B
Walk-through metal detector FAS-633BWalk-through metal detector FAS-633B

Walk-through metal detector FAS-633B

This walk-through metal detector can be used indoors and outdoors, ip55 is dustproof and waterproof. No matter whether it rains or the sun shines, which will not affect its performance.

Walk through metal detector FAS-633B - Adjustable operating frequency-eliminates the potential impact of x-ray baggage scanners, radios and other sources of electrical interference. Our walking through metal detectors is harmless to pregnant women and pacemakers.

walk-through metal detector FAS-633B

This kind of walk-through metal detector can be used outdoors. It is not affected by any weather conditions because of its waterproof function. When large-scale events need to be held, such as speeches, parades, Sports competition, and so on, this kind of walk-through metal detector is a nice choice.

walk-through metal detector specifications

With the highest sensibility: it can detect the metal article as small as the paperclip. With the range of 0-299, it can be adjusted the Sensibility easily, preset the weight, volume, size and location in respect of the metal Articles and eliminate the false alarm for the coin, key, jewelry, leather belt button, etc.

Convenience in installation: walk-through metal detector FAS-633 series products adopt integration design. It only takes twenty minutes to install the gate or take it apart.

High capability of anti-interference: The adoption of digital, analogy and left and right balanced technology can prevent false or omitted alarming, which greatly enhances the capability of anti-interference.

The allocation of 1/6/12/18/33 mutual over-lapping detecting areas makes it more clear for detection, a simultaneous alarm from multi-areas can accurately ascertaining the location Of the metal articles according to the layout of the metal articles.

Walk-through metal detector (For both indoor and outdoor)

Outdoor walk-through metal detectors installations may be either fixed or temporary, and may be used at:

Sporting events;


Special events.

Government buildings, including courthouses and military installations;


Private buildings;


Temporary, indoor systems may also be set up for special events.

General Specifications
Outer frame2210mm(H)x810mm(W)x605mm(D)
Inner frame1980mm(H)x700mm(W)x605mm(D)
Electrical currentAC100V~240V 50/60Hz
Unit weight70KG
Signal Frequency7000-8999Hz(adjustable)
Work environment-20C to +45C
Sensitivity adjustableLevel 0-299
AlarmSound and light
Max distance0.3m at low sensitivity;0.5m at high sensitivity

Lamp panelB&D door panel board,REV050
Master control boardMetal detect door mainbd, REV120+remote control receiver
Remote control transmitterWhite,
Light barLong bar,Metal detect door ledbd,V040
Short bar,Metal detect door ledbd,V010

Operating Environment
Operation temperature/Humidity5C‐40C / 0%-90%(non-condensing)
Storage temperature/Humidity-20C‐55C / 0%-98%(non-condensing)
Operation Power220VAC(±10%) 50±3Hz (Optional:   100VAC,110VAC,120VAC,200VAC)

This kind of walk-through metal detector that we produce has independent intellectual property rights, Chinese invention patents, American invention patents, international PCT invention patents, breaking through the path of Europe and the United States in the field of metal detection technology, ahead of the super anti-interference invention technology in the world. The full range of products is suitable for installation in all security inspection occasions.No interference from the environment, it can work closely with large security equipment objects such as x-ray baggage scanner. Our company's products have been exported to more than 150 countries for many years, and it has won many bids for international events.100% quality assurance. security equipment. Accept ODM&OEM. Inquire Now.

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