• Walk-through metal detector FAS-633D
  • Walk-through metal detector FAS-633D
Walk-through metal detector FAS-633DWalk-through metal detector FAS-633D

Walk-through metal detector FAS-633D

Walk Through Metal Detector FAS-633D has ultra-high sensitivity, and metal objects the size of a paper clip can also be detected, up to 33 zones, to accurately find the location of metal objects.

FAS-633D is the best-selling in walk-through metal detector, high quality, adjustable sensitivity, accurately find the location of metal objects, and send out an alarm.

Walk-Through Metal Detector FAS-633D

This product can be controlled by keyboard or remote control. You can choose the operation mode according to your needs, so as to give users a better user experience.

Walk Through Metal Detector Manufacturer

4 LED lights (front and back)with alarm, which can display the area of metal detected accurately, so as to show the threat locations on human body.

Operation with both English and Chinese languages: LCD can be operated with menus in both English and Chinese. It is very easy and convenient to operate.

Protection with password: The protection from the password can only allow the Authorized person for the operations. It is highly safe.

Materials and displaying: Adoption of Fireboard materials, the ultra-large LCD displaying panel is convenient for the work of the operator. The color LCD display menu is convenient and intuitive to operate. You can know the accurate data at a glance.

Walk Through Metal Detector (Only for indoor)

Applicable to law enforcement departments of government: including public security bureaus, procuratorates, court tribunals, prisons, labor camps, detention centers, detoxification centers, and other security inspections of prohibited metal objects in various venues.

Applicable to public places: hotels, inns, stations, subway stations, airports, buildings, schools, apartments

Product Details

General Specifications
Outer frame2220mm(H)x820mm(W)x500mm(D)
Inner frame2000mm(H)x700mm(W)x500mm(D)
Electrical currentAC100V~240V 50/60Hz
Unit weight70KG
Signal Frequency7000-8999Hz(adjustable)
Work environment-20C to +45C
Sensitivity adjustableLevel 0-299
AlarmSound and light
Max distance0.3m at low sensitivity;0.5m at high sensitivity

Lamp panelB&D door panel board, REVO50
Master control boardMetal-detect-door-mainbd,   REV120+remote control receiver
Remote control transmitterWhite,             
Light barLong bar,Metal-detect-door-ledbd,V040